Day 1 - March 16, 2020
I've been training for this my whole life!!!!

Day 2
This isn't so bad....

Day 3
So much fun stuff to watch together!!!

Day 4
I think the neighbors have more than 10 people over.

Day 5
I guess we need to eat up all these vegetables before they go bad.

Day 6
What the hell was in those brownies????

Day 7
Schitt's Creek season 6

Day 8
Lorelei and I busy cleaning the house!!!!

Day 9
What did the Governor say?? April 24th?????

Day 10
Another late night watching the news...

Day 11
Oh Boy, Hee Haw marathon

Day 12
Very productive

Day 13
I think the remote is broken

Day 14
More quality time together

Day 15
Hey honey, can you get me a beer?

Day 16
But I just wanted to watch cartoons!!!!

Day 17

Day 18
Might as well try this mystery meat I found in the back of the fridge.....

Day 19
Thought I would look sharp and dress like Jon for a change.

Day 20
Need to work on our coffee rationing....

Day 21
Filing for unemployment

Day 22
More projects completed

Day 23
It's the little things......

Day 24
No samples at Costco?? Not if I have something to say about it!!!!!

Day 25
Who's turn is it to take out the garbage??

Day 26
Friday = Cardio!!!!!

Day 27
Need to leave the house to go get supplies....

Day 28
It's like a never ending honeymoon....

Day 29
Happy mid-April, it's snowing!!!

Day 30
Well.....I suppose

Day 31
Do we even set alarms anymore??

Day 32
Evers has an update on the stay at home order........

Day 33
I cannot help it I'm the coolest guy in town...

Day 34
What? You need to go shopping???

Day 35

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38
The Rifle Range is Back Open!!!

Day 39
Well...I guess so

Day 40
It's time I start writing that novel I've been thinking about for so many years.......

Day 41
Lorelei asked me if I wanted a beer......

Day 42
Go to my happy place, go to my happy place, go to my happy place......

Day 43

Time to go shopping!!!!!!!!

Day 44

Day 45
Follow us for more recipes.

Day 46
I can feel the love..... but then again, I pretty much look like one now.

Day 47
She's always so helpful when I'm trying to get one of the vintage cars started.

Day 48
Does today end in "Y"???

Day 49
Well, good thing the A/C works.

Day 50
Time to go over our situation....

Day 51
Spending Saturday Night with my sweetie.

Day 52
Oh look.....more crap on the internet

Day 53
WooHoo!!!! It's Friday Again!!!!

Day 54
Another Busy Day

Day 55
Lorelei is trying some new things with her hair.

Day 56